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Offer for the holidays!

I would like to offer styling for the holidays! 

What a fun season we are approaching! Let’s make your home be festive and fun for the Holidays!

If you book me to help you achieve your preferred Christmas style, this is how I would do it: I would decorate your living room, kitchen and/or dining room for the holidays! And your front door area would be included for free!

On Day 1:  we meet at your house planning the design.  I take a lot of notes making sure I understand how you like your house to look. We talk about style, preference and budget.  We look at your  ornaments and decorative items. Please plan 1-3 hours for this visit.

Day 2:  A few days later, my plan is ready and I will present it to you and we will discuss  possibly additional small purchases.  A 1-2 hour visit.

On Day 3: the fun decorating begins! Its difficult to set a time for this, but plan to have me decorating your house for 2-6 hours.

The hours I plan for each meeting is approximate and depends on the size of the  job. For your convenience, we can meet at daytime, evening or during the weekend.

Price: 1 room $199,   2 rooms  $299,   3 rooms $399  

(decorating your front door area is included)

If interested, please book this service early since this job will happen in November.

Madeleine: 281 620 5584 or

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