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Meet The Designer

My name is Madeleine Banks and I live and work in West Houston.  My design studio has helped  clients create their dream home since early 2017.

My firm works for clients and builders creating beautiful homes.

Our vision statement is: "We are passionately dedicated and devoted to creating our clients dream home."

This statement  says all about how we work. From deeply researching our clients needs, style, budget and ultimately their vision, to executing their project with perfection.

To help with this, we have developed a step by step plan to carry a project from A to Z. This ensures that all the little details are considered. We understand that our clients have different design needs and therefor offer different ways to work with us. Please read for further information under the tab called: "Services" on our website. We offer a 2 hour consultation for clients who need a little bit of help,  and up to a full turnkey interior design project where we take care of everything. 

I grew up in Sweden and  have travelled  all over the world for all my adult years, working as an airline stewardess plus my husbands work has taken us to many countries, where we set up our home.

This background together with a BA In Art History and a certificate in Interior Design formed me in my work as a designer and I appreciate all design styles we can find in different cultures. I find that most often, my clients prefer a modern and sophisticated design style, but of course I design in all styles. When I design, I take inspiration from the clients life, needs and the design style they love.

 To deeply understand the project is very important to me.

Continuing education classes is something I enjoy and feel is very important. I take at least 2-3 classes per year of various design topics.

As a designer, I have developed relationships with various manufacturers and receive deep discounts for my clients. This is one way how we strech your  budget.

We hope to earn the privilege of working with you to beautify your home!


Fast Facts

Q;  I need to renovate my room and update the furniture and decor but I feel overwhelmed with all the decisions and tasks and don't know where to start....... Can you help me? 

A:  Yes, we can definitely help you! We understand that this can be overwhelming! We have a lot of experience in full projects involving both renovation and complete interior design.

An Interior design project can have many steps and can feel overwhelming to the client. We have developed a step-by-step process which involves everything a project will or might include. During the in-home consultation we will explain this process and what we can do for you.


Q; I only need help with some aspects of my interior design project or my renovation. Can your firm still help me?

A: Absolutely!  You can book a 2 hour consultation and we will work on anything you need. If you need further help after that, you can book additional consultations., or you can purchase a 10 hour design service called "designer by your side". You can use this service however you need, in your home or meeting at a furniture store for example.

Client's often ask us to help choose paint colors, choose a couple of new furniture pieces which will work with existing furniture or our ideas for a refresh of a room within a desired budget.

Whatever your design needs or dilemmas  are, we will solve them for you!


Q: I dream of completely updating a couple of rooms in my home, but I'm nervous about the cost!  How much will it cost me?

A: We understand this. We will help you create a realistic budget which works for you. We will explain and work on this during the initial consultation.

We have many ideas about how to create a beautiful design which is based on a budget that works for you.

We also receive great discounts from our manufacturers for you!


Please send us additional questions and we will respond here or directly to you.

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