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Getting Your Home Ready For Sale

Do you know that a buyer often makes up his mind if he likes the house within a few minutes of walking in the door? The first impression of your home is so important and it can be difficult to
get a potential buyer to change his mind...
Don't leave this important step to chance.

Selling your home means preparing it to look its absolute best! A well organized and designed floor plan will help potential buyers fall in love with your home and can drive up the selling price. Before letting your agent photograph your home, we can help style your space, interior and exterior, to help potential home buyers envision themselves in your space.

We will strive to only use your furniture, so you don't have additional costs outside of our fee. If we recommend any smaller renovations this will be discussed. 
We want our work to give great impact but for a low fee.  Something as simple as rearranging the furniture layout, declutter and decor items which highlight the home can make a big difference in making your home appear larger, fresher and more up to date. This small investment can help getting your home sold faster and for a higher selling price.
We will use decor items from our warehouse.  After we have developed a plan for your home, we can carry out the staging for you.

We offer 2 options:

Style Consultation only: 
Depending on the size of the home, we will spend 1-3 hours with you In your home giving you recommendations of what to do.
This service includes a written list of all our recommendations e-mailed the same day to you. Fixed fee: $400

Full service styling: 
If you would like for us to set up the styling of your home and leaving it styled for 4 weeks, there is an additional fee of $200 per styled room. 
This fee includes delivery, styling and renting of our decor items. Plus removal of items.
The rooms we recommend having styled is written in the e-mail we are sending you after the style consultation.

Please fill out the contact form or call 281 620 5584 to schedule your free discovery call

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