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What is interior design?

Interior design is an exciting combination of both creativity and technical skills.

Applied by a skilled designer or decorator it creates a beautiful indoor environment.

The goals of an interior designer can be multifaceted. Some clients hire a decorator to create a space that should feel both beautiful and artistic. The client might feel that his space is too busy, have too many pieces of furniture or decor but don’t want to start completely over with buying everything new. Plus they like their furniture! This is where the decorator can help by really understanding what the client wish too achieve.

The education and  experience of the decorator will save the client time and money by knowing exactly what needs to be done.  When shopping: To pick out colors, fabrics, décor and shapes can be overwhelming for the client and expensive mistakes can be done. It’s the decorators job to pick this out, reuse the clients furniture and decor and stay within his budget.

Other interior design projects are much more function-focused. A professional designer could be hired by a storeowner, for example, to help create a practical, functional environment that encourages flow of traffic throughout the store, invites buyers in, create stunning window displays, and  a comfortable, airy environment where everyone can walk comfortably without feeling cluttered or jumbled. These makeovers with elevated elements of sophistication for businesses can help the business grow and be able to rebrand themselves!

Essentially, expert interior designers and decorators should be well-educated in all subjects of design so that they can effectively accommodate any number of client needs.

One other area of expertise is knowing how to style the home in preparation for it going on the market! This styling takes the client out of the equation a bit. The decorator then focuses her decoration on one pourpose: How to get the potential buyer to fall in love with the home! This is a very important job since the saying: “you only get one chance to make a  good impression”! really is true. It’s said that a potential buyer makes up her mind within a few minutes of stepping inside the home.

Areas of expertise includes: furniture styles, types of fabrics, color palettes, materials needed for renovations such as; tile, woodfloor, carpet, paint, window treatments. furniture layout plan, lighting plan and different interior design styles.

A designer should keep herself updated on all these areas by taking courses and workshops regularly to be able to provide expert advice and services across that broad spectrum.

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