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How to work with an interior decorator during Covid-19

The last couple of months we have seen a large change in how we all live. Face masks and social distancing is the new reality. For now. We don’t know when we can get back to normal, but hopefully in not too long time. I hope you and your family are healthy. If I can help you with anything, please let me know.

Even if we can’t be as social as we were before, there are still a lot of things we can do: we can keep up with family and friends via the phone or see them on zoom. We can take care of projects at home that we planned to do later: Cleaning out wardrobes, fixing up the yard and so on.

E-design has become the new way to work with a decorator. But what is e-design and how can it even work?

It’s actually a great way to get interior decorator help on a budget. Since the decorator creates the design but the client implements it, it’s a more affordable way to obtain that designer look, compared to a traditional full service of interior decoration, which gives the client more hands on help with the whole process, thus the larger cost.

The process starts with you contacting me and we will chat on the phone about your project. This is the process:

  • You will answer a questionnaire, send some photos of the room, measure the room and any existing furniture that you would like to keep in the design. We will talk on the phone, discussing your budget, wants, needs , preferred style and dreams for the room. (I will send you drawings indicating how to measure, its easy!)

  • When I have all the information I need, the design process will start. This step will take 1-2 weeks for 1 room. But I always will accommodate your timeline.

  • Design Presentation: I will send you a link to a power point presentation and will present this on the phone/speaker phone or zoom if you prefer. This meeting can take 1-2 hours. Afterwards you will keep everything we shared (powerpoint slides, pictures, drawings, shopping lists etcetra) so that you can take a few days to study the design and see if you are happy with everything or would like me to change something. If so, I will go back to the drawing board.

  • After the design has been approved and any changes are updated, you will receive your completed design package.

  • Ordering of furniture and decor plus implementation of the new design is done by the client. Any questions around this, you can always give me a call and I will assist via the phone!

This is a short way of explaning the process. Basically: I give you all the tools for you to be able to create your dream home! It’s perfect for lower budgets, clients who don’t need full service, clients living outside of my service area, or even in another country! Also it’s especially beneficial now when we have to practise social distancing!

I hope you are having a beautiful day and if you wish to take care of any home projects involving updating rooms, please give me a call and I can let you know how I can help you!


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