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Free home design help for hurricane havevey victims

I am so sorry about what you, the victims of the hurricane go through right now.

I was fortunate that my house didn’t get flooded, but have experienced house flooding before, so I know a bit of what you go through…I understand that interior design might not be something to think about in these devastating times, but one way I as a decorator can help, is with picking out carpet, flooring, paint and/or furniture.

Perhaps it would feel nice to have the support of someone who can take care of all those choices..I would like to offer Hurricane Harvey victims design help FOR FREE and would help as many as I can.

Unfortunately I am not available before September 17, but if you need help before that time please contact me anyway and I will make it work.

Please contact me on email: hdbmb@outlook.comI would be honored to help you,Madeleine Banks

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